Words That Don’t Exist…Yet


I love finding new things to write about. I was just discussing how I’ve been having a hard time coming up with things to write about. I’m thrilled to have come across something that has set my creative mind reeling. It’s called ThisWordDoesNotExist.com. It’s an AI program that gives you made-up words and their made-up meanings. Some of them are a hoot.

I was introduced to this site through a writing prompt on Medium.com. The author, J.A. Taylor, used this site to come up with some new words to help get writers’ thinking outside the box. I’ve had a ball with this so far, and have found some really cool new words to add to my dictionary.

I wrote a piece not too long ago, called Never Run Out of Character Ideas Again. It talks about a site similar to this called ThisPersonDoesNotExist.com. I was on that site for 3 days looking at pictures of people that have never existed and artwork that’s completely computer-generated. I got lost.

The thing I like most about this site is the fact that you can either let the AI program come up with the words and definitions for you, or you can create your own words and have the program create the definitions. This is my favorite. I love inventing new words. I don’t always have a meaning for them, but they sound cool. Now, I can create those new words and have some kind of meaning behind them.

There is a downside to this, however. Sometimes those definitions make less sense than the word itself. And it seems I’m very good at creating words that the program sees as either being some kind of indigenous culture and/or its language, or I have a knack for coming up with some really great medical terms and/or the medications used to treat various diseases. Awesome!

This is a free site to visit and it’s interesting to see just how many words you can create. I’ve already used it to write one microfiction piece and will be using it to create a few more, or at least a part of them. I may even use the two sites in conjunction and see if an AI produced image and dictionary entry can’t help me create a whole new idea. It could happen.

So, go check Thisworddoesnotexist.com and see what new words will enter your vocabulary. But be forewarned. This site is heavily addictive.


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