Weekly Writing Prompts Issue 4

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Happy National Friends of Libraries Week. One of the things I’ve missed most since this pandemic hit, is being able to go to the library. I know there are hundreds of online libraries, but I miss being able to walk into our local library and hold the books in my hands.

People in our community have donated so many books to our library they’ve decided to start selling them to make a little extra money for their after-school programs and other events. All children’s books are 50 cents, all paperbacks are $1 and all hardback books are $2. Needless to say, I now own a lot of books. The coolest part is that most of the books I’ve purchased are “vintage” and/or “antique”. I even managed to purchase a first edition, 1934 copy of The Case of the Curious Bride by Erle Stanley Gardner. I was stoked.

This week’s writing prompts are dedicated to all libraries, both online and physical. After all, we’re writers, and seeing our works in a library is something we’ve all dreamed of at least once. Make it happen for someone else. Support your local libraries—and all the writers living within.


A McGuffin is an object or event behind the plot of the story. On its own, it’s meaningless.
The McGuffin
: An old library card
The Plot: An online auction brings 2 people together from completely different backgrounds.

I’ll give you a name and 2 facts about the character. The rest is up to you.
Cassidy Cavanaugh
Fact #1—Uses an alias in their profession
Fact #2—Witnessed something nobody believes

I’ll give you 3 items, you create the terror behind them.
A bicycle tire, 3 hair ties, a purple crayon

Every good adventure needs a relic. Where will this one take you?
“The Cleric’s Codex”
An ancient manuscript said to contain an incantation that can grant all the knowledge and wisdom of the gods. It is said that whoever holds the codex, holds the keys to the universe.

Accept the mission. Expose the criminals. Save the world.
The Mission
: Recover a stolen 8th-century copy of the Holy Bible, thought to be the one used by Charlemagne, king of the Franks.
Your Only Lead: A sales receipt that was written in 1845


People are always on the lookout for a good meal. Create a post on the following idea.
Tips and tricks to canning and preserving the year’s harvest.

Most blogs are created to make money. Can you add to the knowledge base?
Free marketing techniques to increase the sales of your work.

***THE LIFE OF…***
I’ll give you the names of 2 historical figures/celebrities. One born on this day and one who died on this day. You tell us their stories.
Date: October 19th
Actor Robert Reed, (Mike Brady—The Brady Bunch), was born on this day in Highland Park, IL (1932)
King John of England, the usurper of Richard the Lionheart’s crown, died on this day due to the effects of dysentery (1216)

We’re always looking for the best and worst of various things. Tell us about your favorites, or tell us about the ones to avoid.
Best/worst online libraries and how to make the most of their services.

There are thousands of ideas on how to be creative. What can you add to this?
How to design professional-looking book covers.

Until Next Week,
Happy Writing!!!!!


Looking for more fiction prompts? Check out my book, Promptly Chronicled: 300 writing prompts to inspire the fiction writer. There’s a little something for just about every genre you can dream of.

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