Weekly Writing Prompts Issue 3

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I should have had this done and posted for last week, but real-world stuff jumped in and took over. Hate it when that happens. You know what I mean? When you’ve got all the best intentions to get stuff done, but then STUFF happens and you’ve got to start all over again?

It’s hard to believe that we’re starting into the 2nd full week of October. Time flies!!! I’m enjoying watching all the trees change colors and feeling the air slowly cool down. It’s almost as though the Universe wants us to all slow down, step away from the negativity going on around us, and just enjoy a little natural beauty.


A McGuffin is an object or event behind the plot of the story. On its own, it’s meaningless.
The McGuffin
: A tin can
The Plot: 2 soldiers reunite after the war to fulfill a dying wish.

I’ll give you a name and 2 facts about the character. The rest is up to you.
Fact #1—They’ve never seen the ocean.
Fact #2—They’re the key to a disturbing crime.

I’ll give you 3 items, you create the terror behind them.
A license plate, a gum wrapper, a jar of jelly

Every good adventure needs a relic. Where will this one take you?
The Goddess’s Voice”
Legend tells of an instrument capable of opening long-hidden caves.
It is said it can only be played by bravest of maidens.

Accept the mission. Expose the criminals. Save the world.
The Mission
: Recover a priceless piece of artwork stolen from the Louvre.
Your Only Lead: A matchbook left behind with the code X3K scrawled inside.


People are always on the lookout for a good meal. Create a post on the following idea.
Best meals for autumn picnics.

Most blogs are created to make money. Can you add to the knowledge base?
What are some services writers can offer to make a little extra cash?

***THE LIFE OF…***
I’ll give you the names of 2 historical figures/celebrities. One born on this day and one who died on this day. You tell us their stories.
Date: October 12th
King Edward VI of England, the only son of King Henry VIII, was born on this day at Hampton Court (1537)
Prison and social reformer, Elizabeth Fry, dies from a stroke on this date at the age of 65 (1845)

We’re always looking for the best and worst of various things.
Tell us about your favorites, or tell us about the ones to avoid.
Top Ten Online Gaming Sites

There are thousands of ideas on how to be creative. What can you add to this?
Household items that can be used to grow an indoor garden.


Looking for more fiction prompts? Check out my book, Promptly Chronicled: 300 writing prompts to inspire the fiction writer. There’s a little something for just about every genre you can dream.

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