Weekly Writing Prompts Issue 1


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I’ve been trying to come up with a new post for this site and seemed to have gone blank for some time. Then it came to me to do the one thing I know best; writing prompts. So I’ve decided to (hopefully) do a weekly post called:

Weekly Writing Prompts

I’m going to post 5 fictional prompts and 5 non-fictional prompts. However, because it seems like most prompts are geared toward writing full-length manuscripts, I want to focus on the short story writers and my fellow bloggers. I like short and sweet pieces.

As this is the first post, it’s probably going to be shorter than future posts. I’m sure I’ll think of more stuff to add as time goes by. I’m planning on doing each post with a theme in the future, but haven’t gotten that far yet. There may be some affiliate links to books and/or items I think you might like. There may also be links to my other writings, as well as blogs and sites I think will be of use to others.

My goal is to make this a weekly “thing”. I’d love to see people pour in each week and get their writing groove on. That’s my biggest dream.

So pull up a chair and join in on the first Weekly Writing Prompts.


A McGuffin is an object or event behind the plot of the story. On its own, it’s meaningless.
The McGuffin: A pair of ballet slippers.
The Plot: A grandfather finds himself raising a granddaughter on his own.

I’ll give you a name and 2 facts about the character. The rest is up to you.
Yancy Claiborne
Fact #1—Plays the saxophone
Fact #2—Is allergic to apples

I’ll give you 3 items, you create the terror behind them.
A candelabra, a lace handkerchief, a broken mirror

Every good adventure needs a relic. Where will this one take you?
The Talons of Toulmaloc”
Said to be the talons of an ancient, magical bird. One scratch will putrefy human flesh. Thought to be kept in a tomb beneath an ancient volcano.

Accept the mission. Expose the criminals. Save the world.
Your Mission: Rescue the Prime Minister’s wife from rebel soldiers.
Your only leads: An ancient Greek text with missing passages, left near a fireplace. A pair of silver cuff links engraved with the initial Q, sewn inside of a pillow. A faded photograph of 4 men on horseback, 3 of which had their faces scratched out.


People are always on the lookout for a good meal. Create a post on the following idea.
Updated recipes for traditional meals.

Most blogs are created to make money. Can you add to the knowledge base?
Placing Ads on Your Site.
How many is too many/not enough?

***THE LIFE OF…***
I’ll give you the names of 2 historical figures/celebrities. One born on this day and one who died on this day. You tell us their stories.
Date: September 21st 
American writer and illustrator, Sophia Hawthorne, was born on this date in Salem, Massachusettes (1809).
Ivanhoe author, Sir Walter Scotts, passes on this date at the age of 61 (1832)

We’re always looking for the best and worst of various things. Tell us about your favorites, or tell us about the ones to avoid.
Where are the best places to promote your blogs and why?

There are thousands of ideas on how to be creative. What can you add to this?
How to Make Homemade Holiday Decorations



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