The Struggle is Real

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I AM STRUGGLING!!!! I’ve spent the past few days trying very hard to come up with some new ideas to write about. And guess what. I’m NOT succeeding. I’m hoping this little public free-write might fix that problem. I’m a firm believer that a free-write is the best way to get some ideas flowing. Sometimes, my thoughts get so jumbled that I can’t make sense of any of them. So, I sit down and see if I can pick out a piece here and there and get it out on the page. It’s a great way to organize Scatterbrain Syndrome.

I’m finding that even writing this post is kicking my ass. I’m struggling to get the words to flow. It’s more of an “I’m learning how to drive a stick-shift” feel. It sucks. I hate it when I hit these points. I read other people’s stories, poems, articles, thoughts, dreams, whatever I can. I look for things that catch my attention, phrases that spark my imagination, anything that will scream in my brain and blow out the cobwebs.  The problem is that nothing is even giving me a nudge.

I guess I can’t say that I haven’t written anything. I have been working on my next post for Legends of the Veil. I am the scribe for the Immortal Queen Medb. She’s been a blast to write. She’s different than anything else I’ve ever written. I’ve written a lot of Celtic characters, I’ve written as a goddess, but Medb has her own style and I’ve gotten to the point where I just let her out to play.

One of the things I’ve always prided myself on is that I don’t limit myself to a single writing style. I like that I can write a thousand-word post for Medb, bang out a 600-word piece of creative non-fiction, then put together a 100-word story. Maybe not all in one day, but usually within a weekend. Then I hit a brick wall and can’t even produce a full sentence.

I do see a couple of things throughout this post that could potentially become some real fodder. But I’ve got to get past this weird little funk I seem to be in. I’m not sure what the issue is, but whatever it is, it’s got to go. But I’ve got this. Right? Sure. Wish me luck.

Happy Writing!!!!

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