Starting Over…Again!!!

Thank you Pete Linforth from Pixabay for this awesome pic.

So, here we are. Starting over…again. I did something to improve my online life and ended up kicking myself in the teeth. But oh well. I just have to power on and maybe even look at it as a good thing.

Graves Publications has been an online blog for several years now. I won’t say that I’ve kept it updated on a regular basis, but I had posted a lot of pieces throughout the years. Then, I decided I needed a new hosting plan/service and found a great deal. However!!!!!…I forgot to take into consideration that I needed to switch all my content over before switching DNS direction. The outcome? I lost everything.

Now, I’m sure there’s a way to go back and fix it all and get everything back, but I’m not sure I really want to do that. Most of the content I had on the site was personal stuff, weird ideas, things of that nature. However, I’m thinking that this might be a good thing as I can now change the way I see this site. I can do something different with this blog and not feel weird about it.

Things I’ve wanted to do with this blog in the past included discussing writing groups, ways to make money with writing, and discussing the works of  other authors I’ve met along the way. Now I’m thinking about adding more book reviews, book deals and maybe even some book sites that I like. I’m sure I’ll find more to talk about, but who knows.

I have to look at the silver lining of this snafu. I have to see this as an opportunity to pick up and carry on in a whole new direction. What I can’t do is look at this as a bad omen. I’ve been given a chance to start over…again. It’s best I do it and do it with all the enthusiasm of an 8 year-old with a credit card.

So here’s to the future. I’m either going to come out on top or fall down trying. But I will never give up!!! Wish me luck.

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