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So, I have a new favorite writing tool. I’m sure some of you may have heard of it or even used it, but I just happened to find it in a random search. It is called Random Word Generator and it’s my new go-to writing idea tool.

The reason I’ve fallen in love with this site is that it’s more than just a word generator. There are several random tools rolled into one site. You can opt for just a random word here and there, or you can choose a random noun, verb, or adjective. Want to take your idea to the next level? Try using the Random Phrase Generator or the Random Sentence Generator.

As someone who loves inventing new words, I loved the Fake Words generator. I have another site I visit regularly that gives off-the-wall definitions to fake words, so the two sites together have given me some very cool ideas. There is also a Weird Word generator that has given me access to words I didn’t even know existed. I’ve had a blast with this site.

There are several other random generators that will give you Bible verses, motivational quotes, breakfast and dinner ideas, and even wedding hashtag ideas. If you’re trying to make a decision, check out the Yes or No Oracle or just hit the Coin Flip generator. There are hundreds of ideas just waiting for you to give them a try.

Unlike many random generators, the creators of this site did everything from scratch. They added each word, sentence, and phrase as a way to make things sound a little more cohesive. They also want this to be an asset to anyone who used it and has stated that they’re more than happy for others to use their ideas in whatever projects they see fit. With 35 different generators on the site to choose from, it would be hard NOT to find something to write about.

Stop by and check out the Random Word Generator and see if you can’t put a spark in your current project or come up with a whole new one. It’s your one-stop shop for finding great writing ideas.


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