The Work At Home Wife

So, in my pursuit of finding my way back into writing, I came across a site that might be my new favorite place. It’s called The Work At Home Wife and it’s full of ideas on various ways of making money online, including a great article on How To Create Writing Samples.

Here’s the thing though. I know a lot of this information, I’ve done all this before. Being reminded is a wonderful thing, but knowing I have to start from scratch is still very intimidating. What really gets to  me is that there is a ton of my work online from days gone by, but it’s all in my former name. Can I still consider them as part of my working portfolio? I don’t know. Not even sure I’d want to use them. Guess I need to find an expert in that field to tell me yes or no.

The best thing about this site, for me, is that there is a lot of information. I haven’t gone through the whole site yet, but just from what I’ve seen so far, I’m sure there’s got to be something in there I can use to my advantage, something I didn’t know before or some updated information that will help me on my quest.

The site has a 7-day Find Work From Home email series that I made sure to sign up for. I’m sure there’s a newsletter attached to it, and I’m fine with that. I’m kind of excited to see what kind of information this site will be providing in the days and weeks to come.

The one thing that does bother me about this site is that you cannot leave a comment on any of the articles. I guess I’m just spoiled from reading too many blogs, but it would be nice to leave a comment on something that I really enjoy. I don’t leave comments on posts I don’t like, or just to do the whole “Hey, look at me” thing. I hate that. But I would like to leave a real comment on an article I find useful and informative. She does have a contact page, but unless I need to speak directly to the site owner, I won’t use something like that.

So, we’ll see how this goes. I’m pretty sure I’m going to like this place, but if something should happen that changes my mind, I’ll post it here. Here’s to the future.

Getting My Blog Noticed

Okay kids, it’s time I get serious and start working on getting this blog noticed by someone other than the one or two people who accidentally land here looking for something else. So, where do I begin?

The first thing I thought to do was jump on Google and type in “Free Blog Promotion”. Yeah, don’t do that. There’s a ton of pages to sift through and the ones that do actually jump out are so outdated that many of the sites for blog promotion don’t even exist anymore. I scrolled through and even clicked on other recommended search terms. Still no real luck. Then I thought, “What about Pinterest”.

Now I do have to say, I am a Pinterest junkie. You can usually tell where my brain’s at by what my latest pins look like. I’ve got a board titled “Make Money”. I’ve had it for awhile, but it doesn’t have much pinned to it. However, I did notice that there are a lot more options out there now than when I first started that board. Sure enough, I found a ton of pins on blogging, starting a new blog, how to create a profitable blog, and so on. But what I want to know is how do I get people to start visiting my blog.

Granted, I’ve been blogging since the days when it was a relatively new thing. But a lot has changed over the past 5 years. And just like getting back into the writing game as a whole, I’ve got to learn all this as if I were new to the game. The fact of the matter is that I’ve been working this blog for a couple years now, so it’s made it’s way into Google’s database. Just not in a way that has anyone wanting to come back for more. That’s got to change.

The main purpose of this blog was to keep me writing and to give me a space to call my own. Now, I need to start making this a real spot where others can come and find useful information. But how do I do that???

One of the first things I came across was a lot of “experts” say to plan out your posts. Make a blog binder and fill it with ideas and which days you’ll be adding those posts to your site. Okay, that’s cool but I still have a real world job (for now) and I’m raising a grandbaby. I don’t have a ton of time to just sit and think about what and when I’m going to blog. I write when I can, between work, laundry, dinner and dishes, and all those other fun things a normal person has to do in life. Besides, I never know what inspiration will strike me or when it will happen. A blog plan is a great idea, but not very practical in my situation.

I also read that you must have great content to present to the world. Well, duh!!! That much I already knew. And for as hard as it was for me to find those ideas a few months ago, things are starting to come a little easier. But it’s still not my top priority.

As for promotion ideas, most of what I’ve read says to use your Facebook page. Um, no. I know I should but there are people on my page that have no idea what it is to be a writer, nor do they care. That’s where I keep up with family and friends from around the world, find things to make me laugh, and that type of thing. I’m not the kind of person that posts their personal stuff on Facebook, but I don’t want to bore my loved ones with this.

I’m not a huge fan of Twitter. I’ve used it, I have an account and check it out now and then, but it’s not a place I hang out. I find it boring. I’ve used it in the past, it has its ups and downs, but I just don’t have that much time. And as for Instagram, I’ve never even been to the site. I have no clue how to use it, what to do there, or anything of the sort. I know that’s probably a downfall in my quest, but I’m old and set in my ways.

Then there are the sites that say “Become an affiliate pusher” or something along those lines. Been there, done that, hated it. I worked in retail (real world) for many years and I could sell ice water to the devil himself, if I’m there eye to eye with the buyer. But I suck at it from the online world. I’ve tried, several times, and it always came out the same. Never sold a damn thing.

So I guess I need to keep trying and find ways to promote my blog and keep myself moving ever onward. I have to say, so far, Pinterest has been the best place I’ve come across to find answers to my questions. I don’t know why, but it seems easier to say “nope, not what I’m looking for” or “yep, that’s what I want”. And the quest continues.

Not Blogging, But Writing

So as you can see, I haven’t been over here for a couple months, but that’s not a bad thing. I am writing. Yes girls and boys, I’ve actually been writing. It’s not going very fast, but it’s happening. I’m doing it in baby steps, however.

For the past couple months, I’ve been hanging out at a writer’s forum called Worldsmyths, and I am loving it. I’m not usually a huge fan of forums, especially those made especially for a specific genre, but this one is still in the early stages of becoming a real writing resource. What I mean by that is that it’s not full of “experts” who love to tell everyone else what they’re doing wrong.

It’s actually designed for fantasy writers, but I’ve enjoyed being part of the community. I’ve started writing prompts again, I’ve written a couple poems from ideas others on the site have put forward, and I even entered their last writing competition. Didn’t win anything, but it was fun just working on something.

Then earlier tonight, I signed up for a couple free courses on different types of writing, like transcription writing. I used to want to be a transcriptionist, but had no clue what was involved so I didn’t give it much more thought.

So I am getting some writing done and I am working toward seeing my dream once again. I might have to start from scratch, but if that’s what I’ve got to do, so be it. One step at a time.


Still Plugging Away

Yeah, I know. I said I was going to work harder at keeping this blog up to date, but life gets in the way sometimes. I haven’t given up though. I’m still plugging away and I know there has to be a way to keep me going. I haven’t been totally out to lunch, though. I’ve been working my fingers to the bone with my crocheting. In the past few weeks, I’ve made 4 mandala-styled bolero vests, 2 beaded chokers, and am working on a granny square tanktop. I know, sounds like a lot and it is, but I’m having fun and I find it very relaxing.

However, I’m now in the process of figuring out how to make some extra cash. And here’s what I’m going to need to do in order to see my dream come true:

1.) I need to figure out how to promote my blog in order to get more people to at least check it out.
2.) I need to come up with a niche that will set me apart from most others. I’m not an IT specialist or anything of the sort, but I’m not a total idiot.
3.) I need to stop second guessing myself.

Sounds kind of dumb when I read it back, but this is what needs to be done. I’ve got a few ideas, I just have to do it. Not easy when you’re trying to keep up with a 5-yr old grandchild, a husband who’s famous for his spur-of-the-moment adventures, and a back lot of family members who seem to think you’re made of money.

So here’s to the future and hopefully figuring out a way to add a little to my bank account without tapping it out in the process. Wish me luck!!


Atlantis Rising with Simcha Jacobovici

Okay, so I don’t usually discuss some of the weirder things I believe in, but I had to talk about this topic. I am a firm believer that many of the world mythologies are based on facts. I stress the word “based”. In other words, history is the longest running game of “messenger”, or “telephone”, whichever you called it. Remember that game we all played as kids where all the kids sat in a row and whispered a message into the next person’s ear to see if what the last person hears is what the first person said? Okay, maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, I’m watching Atlantis Rising on The National Geographic Channel. I truly believe that there was a real place behind all the hype. I know there’s been a ton of research done on the story, but some of the crap they come up with just amazes me. However, this show is actually trying to find some real evidence. I even heard a few things I’ve never heard before.

For instance, they found some very compelling evidence on the island of Sardina. Why have I never heard of this before? There were some very cool ruins found on the island. According to the archaeologist on site, the ruins were only recently discovered as they were covered in a thick layer of mud. For thousands of years, the people of Sardina had no idea that the giant mountain of dirt they pass every day was a huge stone structure? Kinda find that hard to believe but okay. They did determine that the biggest problem with that being Atlantis is that the time frame is too late. But it could be a place the people of Atlantis colonized after the destruction. Yeah, I might be able to buy that.

So they’ve moved further west to just outside the Straits of Gibraltar. Now I’ve heard some of the details of things they’ve found in that region and it’s very compelling. I won’t say I believe it’s Atlantis, but they are finding some interesting things. I won’t say what, watch the show. LOL couldn’t do that to Mr. Cameron or Mr. Jacobovici. I love me some Simcha.

I think there could be something to finding Atlantis in Southern Spain. It coincides with a lot of the details in Plato’s story, though I’m sure they’ll give some ideas as to why it’s not.