Not Putting All My Eggs One Basket

Happy July! It’s the third day of July and things are going smoothly. I’ve started working on one of my other sites that has just been sitting idly by and not doing much of anything. It’s called Collected Keepsakes and it’s all about the world of collecting. I’ve actually had the site since 2013, but I never really did much with it until now. My husband and I are both avid collectors and love flea markets and yard sales.

My goal with that site is to see it become a wonderful tool for collectors of all kinds. Whether they collect stuffed animals or vintage cars. I want them to be able to come to my site and find places to buy and sell their collectibles, find sites to learn more about their pieces, and even a way to determine how to tell if what they have is worth anything or not.

One of the things I’ve really been trying to do is come up with ways to promote both my blogs without coming off as a spammer or something worse. My problem is that I convince myself that what I’ve written isn’t good enough or interesting enough to bring them in, and I fail myself. I have to stop doing that. I am getting better at networking, though. I had the opportunity to chat with Joe Elliott of Smart guy, SEO type, blog designer. I was pleasantly surprised when he actually responded to my email. I figured he’d be another one of those, “respond to this email–would love to hear from you”, then get a robotic response in return. But no, this guy was real. Check him out.

My lesson for today is to stop second guessing myself. If I can’t trust myself to produce quality work, how can anyone else? I have to keep moving forward and that means I have to invite others to come see what I’ve done, not just expect Google to bring them around. I have to believe in me!!!

Happy Writing!!!

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