Keeping In A Forward Motion

Hi kids and Happy Memorial Day weekend. Before anything else, I want to take a moment to recognize all the men and women who have given their lives for their country. My daddy was a veteran of Vietnam, and though he was fortunate enough to come home, he brought parts of the war home with him. I thank all of the families, from the Revolutionary war to our present day, for their bravery as well. God bless you all and God bless America.

Now, let’s see what we’ve done to keep ourselves moving forward. I’ve restructured my “writing” environment. I was doing quite a bit of my work on my Kindle, but hey, guess what. That doesn’t work so well. You can do some things, but in the end, the laptop is much easier. So, I got the laptop off the kitchen table and have made myself a sort of “writing space” in my living room. Now granted, it would be great if I had a nice quiet home office where I could go and do my thing without any distractions, but I don’t have that luxury. I live in a very small house with my hubby, a grandbaby, 3 dogs, and a cat. Space is limited.

However, I am a lot more comfortable in my new little space. And though the hubby thinks this whole writing thing is nonsense (he’s a gear head), I;m actually closer to him so he can’t say we never spend any time together. I’m sure there’s a lot of other ways I could make this work, but I’m pretty okay with where I’m at. I have good lighting and a nice writing space, (I do a lot of writing with pen and paper), I have a little table for my laptop, and I can still keep up with what’s going on in my house.

Another thing I’ve done to make things easier is….cut my fingernails. Now, anyone reading this is going to think “what the heck is she talking about?”. I’ve been working on speeding up my typing skills and I found that most of the mistakes I was making was due to the fact that a couple of my fingernails were hitting the keys above the ones I was aiming for. I’m not the kind of woman who goes in and spends a ton of money to have my hair and nails done. I don’t do the acrylic nails or even paint them for that matter. But my nails grow at a fairly rapid rate and I have to keep them trimmed up to type efficiently.

And finally, I got back into checking out Google+. Seriously, I rarely used that platform as it was too cluttered and chaotic for me. With that said, it’s also a great place to find some really good information. And that’s my goal, to find out all I can and get myself back to writing for money again. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to write–paid or not–but it would be nice to get back to at least where I was 5 years ago.

The last time I really put forth any effort, I got really frustrated and gave up. This time, I’m taking each step as a win and a push in the right direction. I have to remind myself that it took me nearly 10 years to get to where I was, and I’m not going to get there without some work again this time. Hopefully it won’t take another 10 years, but I have to do things correctly in order to be seen as a serious writer. And it will happen again.

Happy Writing:)

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