Creating My First Draft

So, I did a post a few days ago about coming up with an idea from a writing prompt. I’ve working on the first draft/outline. I put it that way because that’s kind of where I’m at in the process. I’ve got all these weird ideas coming out of thin air and I’m not sure where to go with any of them, so I’m just getting them down, I’ll figure out how to arrange them later.

I can’t believe I’ve gotten so much coming from a simple writing prompt, and it wasn’t even a serious one. It was kind of silly, but it’s brought out stuff in me that hasn’t been released in a very long time. It just goes to show that even the strangest of ideas can spark something in the right person.

The oddest part of the whole thing is that the more I write, the more it looks like I could come up with an entire series of stories from this one idea. I don’t know about entire books, but several short stories. I love writing short stories. I think it’s because I have the attention span of a squirrel.

For anyone who’s actually reading this post, don’t walk away from an idea you think won’t do much for you. It could actually be the one you’ve been waiting for. Don’t just read a prompt, feel it. Let it sink in for a few minutes then see if it moves you. Never take anything for granted, you never know when that miracle will be waiting for you just around the corner.

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