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Not Putting All My Eggs One Basket

Happy July! It’s the third day of July and things are going smoothly. I’ve started working on one of my other sites that has just been sitting idly by and not doing much of anything. It’s called Collected Keepsakes and it’s all about the world of collecting. I’ve actually had the site since 2013, but […]

Building My Writing Portfolio

Hello all, so what did we learn today? I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading the past few days. As I keep looking for ways to keep myself going and coming up with new ideas, I’m finding that one of the main things I need to do is have an active writing portfolio. Now […]

Easy On The Eyes

So, if you’ve ever stopped by, you’ll notice that I’ve prettied up the site. I’ve been looking at the sites of other bloggers, more successful bloggers, and the one thing I noticed was that their sites were bright and cheery. Mine was kind of drab and boring. So, hopefully this site will be a little […]

Believing In Your Own Abilities

In my previous post, Becoming the Writer, I listed 5 things needed to really become the writer you’ve always wanted to be.  Now, keep in mind, these are just my opinion and higher authorities might not feel the same as I.  However, the one thing I really want to cover in this post is #5 […]

Becoming The Writer

Being a writer is the dream of millions of people.  Some have a story in their head that just won’t go away, some have a song in their heart they want to share with the world, and others want to tell people how to do things they thought they couldn’t do.  Each has their own […]