Atlantis Rising with Simcha Jacobovici

Okay, so I don’t usually discuss some of the weirder things I believe in, but I had to talk about this topic. I am a firm believer that many of the world mythologies are based on facts. I stress the word “based”. In other words, history is the longest running game of “messenger”, or “telephone”, whichever you called it. Remember that game we all played as kids where all the kids sat in a row and whispered a message into the next person’s ear to see if what the last person hears is what the first person said? Okay, maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, I’m watching Atlantis Rising on The National Geographic Channel. I truly believe that there was a real place behind all the hype. I know there’s been a ton of research done on the story, but some of the crap they come up with just amazes me. However, this show is actually trying to find some real evidence. I even heard a few things I’ve never heard before.

For instance, they found some very compelling evidence on the island of Sardina. Why have I never heard of this before? There were some very cool ruins found on the island. According to the archaeologist on site, the ruins were only recently discovered as they were covered in a thick layer of mud. For thousands of years, the people of Sardina had no idea that the giant mountain of dirt they pass every day was a huge stone structure? Kinda find that hard to believe but okay. They did determine that the biggest problem with that being Atlantis is that the time frame is too late. But it could be a place the people of Atlantis colonized after the destruction. Yeah, I might be able to buy that.

So they’ve moved further west to just outside the Straits of Gibraltar. Now I’ve heard some of the details of things they’ve found in that region and it’s very compelling. I won’t say I believe it’s Atlantis, but they are finding some interesting things. I won’t say what, watch the show. LOL couldn’t do that to Mr. Cameron or Mr. Jacobovici. I love me some Simcha.

I think there could be something to finding Atlantis in Southern Spain. It coincides with a lot of the details in Plato’s story, though I’m sure they’ll give some ideas as to why it’s not.

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