Are You a Real Person?

What’s the one thing you look for when networking with others in your industry? Someone who can further your career along? Someone who will give you the answers to all the questions in your brain? How about someone who can show you how to make some real money with your site? Those are all very good things to look for, but that’s not the one thing that makes me stand up and take notice. For me, it’s finding someone who is a real person.

In my quest to find ways of getting my blogs out there for the world to see, I came across Linky Followers.  I’d seen this site in the past, back when I was writing and blogging before, but it was mostly for those who were into doing giveaways on their blogs. I’d signed up, but never really did anything with the site.

Yesterday, as I was entering a few more giveaways, I came across Linky Followers again. As you can see on the sidebar of the site, I rejoined and added the widget. Yes, I’ll admit it, I like to think people are actually following me and what I do. I’m odd that way.

Today, I decided to check out the site a little more and read some of the posts on the Linky Blog. I’d noticed last night that there was an Urgent post on the site and wanted to see what it was about. It led me to a survey on the site, which of course I had to take. But, being the total bonehead that I am, I screwed it up and only managed to take part of the survey. I’d sent in my request to the site owner, Brent Riggs, for my gift for taking the survey before I realized that I’d made a mistake. However, I still got a reply back with a link to my free gift. What caught me off guard is that it wasn’t your typical form letter, it was an actual response from the man himself. I was beyond shocked and impressed at the same time. (I was kind of bummed to see that there hasn’t been an update to the blog in almost a year, but there’s still a ton of information to be read).

I think it’s important to be a real person. When I have a question or I need some information, I want to talk to a real person. I hate when I have to call some place and get those automated computers. “Press 1 for blah, blah, blah…”. I don’t want to talk to a computer, I want to talk to a real person who can help me out as fast as possible so I can get on with the rest of my day.

Are you a real person? Do you go out of your way to make sure to contact those in your network or is everything automated? People remember you for what it is you can do for them, and when they can get in touch with you instead of just a basic form letter, they’ll remember you even more.


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