A New Creation Myth–Weekly Writing Prompts

Weekly Writing Prompts

A weeks worth of ideas for the fiction and non-fiction writer.

Hello and welcome to our first posting of WWP. I’ve decided to attribute a special “theme” to each week to make it a little easier to follow. For our first time out, I’ve decided to make this one about “Beginnings”. What better place to start than at the beginning?


Mad, mad Mondays—Anarchy, chaos, anything goes. You’ll never know what I’ll put here

Every culture has a story of how the world/universe began. Create your own creation story for a race of mythical beings. How did their kind evolve? Who were their “first beings”? What circumstances caused them to become the creatures we know today?


With this being the very first post in my experiment, I know I’ll have to work at making sure to add more to the posts. Each posting will be a little more practice for me in my journey to become a successful writer once again.

One thing I have to remind myself (and every writer should live by), is that no matter how many times you get knocked down, you have to get back up and try again. And if you’re the one knocking you down, fight back!


If you ever write something from one of our prompts and would like to share it, let me know. I’ll be more than happy to post your piece, along with a short bio and a link to your site. If I like it, I might even do an entire write up the place.


Happy Writing!!!!!

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