Posts from ‘December, 2016’

Last Day of the Year

Well here we are, the last day of 2016. I’m not as gung-ho “yeaaaa, it’s over” as some people are, but I am hoping for a better coming year. I’m not a New Year’s resolution type either. I am hoping to make a few personal changes this year. Nothing Earth shattering, just work on being […]

One Day at a Time

I’m trying to make sure to write something every day. If I’m going to make this work, I have remember to go slow and write each day. So what do we talk about today? Let’s see. How about talking about what I’ve been doing in the past year. Growing up, I used to watch my […]

Hello Again

Yep, it’s me again. It’s been over a year since I last posted here. But I got the coolest gadget for Christmas and it might be just what the dr. ordered. I got a keyboard for my Kindle and it makes blogging a whole bunch easier. I miss blogging,  but it kind of sucked trying […]